A Quick Bolder Boulder Recap

An annual tradition on Memorial Day in Boulder is the BolderBoulder 10k. Although I didn’t run it this year, it was one of the first things I did after moving to Boulder in 2008.

Here’s what some people think about the event…

Clare Tischer – “I’ve lived in Boulder since 2007 and have had the joy of running the Bolder Boulder for two of the three years I’ve been here. As of 2010, the average runner’s age is 44. If that isn’t motivation to strap on your sneakers, I don’t know what is. Besides the fact that it’s incredibly well-organized and attended, it consists of a little of everything I love about this town: fitness, dramatic age gaps, the amazingly cold (although domestic) beer at the finish line. Most importantly, it’s about each individual’s personal best. Want to run a sub-40? Do it. Walking the entire course? No big deal. From Mile 1 to 6.2, every participant is being cheered on by all walks of life– retired locals in their lawn chairs, babies in rompers, CU students slamming beers and heckling runners to try their muddy slip ‘n slides, regardless of your pace. In a community that is consistently rated as fittest and with so many fiercely competitive tri-athletes calling this place home, that’s a really beautiful thing. After my run this year, I joined friends for a lawn party and watched the last few waves finish. At the very end, two women were helping a much older woman (perhaps their grandmother?) walk the course by holding her tightly on both sides. Shortly thereafter, the pros dashed through at lightning speed. You’ve got to love an event that means showing up and being your version of bolder. ”
Andrew Hyde – “Love the energy, community and human performance. Boulder comes out in force and I love being a part of it. Well run, super fun.”
Tara Anderson – “The Bolder Boulder represents everything I love about Boulder: community, people living a healthy lifestyle, artists, performers and gorgeous weather. It’s my own annual tradition and this year was the seventh consecutive race I’ve run.”
Did you run the BolderBoulder? What’d you think?
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