Thinking about making the move to Boulder, but need the on the ground contact to answer those questions that you might have?

There is an amazing group of people who want to answer your questions and help with your move.

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List of Helpful Folks

If you are thinking about moving to Boulder, these folks would love to talk to you.

Ari Newman

Ari is an accomplished entrepreneur, start-up advisor, and founder and president of Filtrbox, Inc. He made the move from the SF bay area to Boulder in 2002 and hasn’t looked back. Ari’s mantra is “work-hard / play-hard”, and he thinks Boulder is the ideal place to live the dream. When he’s not at the Filtrbox office or hanging with the family, you’ll find him on his road or mountain bike somewhere in the front range. Find him here on twitter, or just email him at [email protected]

Brad Feld

Brad has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur for over 20 years. Prior to co-founding Foundry Group, he co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and, prior to that, founded Intensity Ventures, a company that helped launch and operate software companies and later became a venture affiliate of the predecessor to Mobius Venture Capital. Brad blogs here.

Kevin Menzie

Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Slice of Lime, a web strategy, design, and development firm. Kevin loves the collaborative tech community in Boulder and works to give back to it by sponsoring programs like TechStars, PodCamp, and WordCamp as well as hosting Boulder Creative Commons. When not at the Slice of Lime office or drinking coffee at The Cup, Kevin can be found cartooning, writing music, or mountain biking. Find him at [email protected] or @kmenzie.

Jeremy Tanner

Jeremy is a geek, startup junkie, party crasher from Detroit, now based out of Boulder. Likes: clean air, motorcycles, mountains and vibrant downtowns; Hates: Artificial grape flavor, smog, cube farms. Blogs here Contact him at [email protected]

George Morris

George is Co-Founder and Client Services Director of Imulus (, a Boulder interactive agency. He relocated from Philly to Boulder in 2000 to open the branch office of Refinery, Inc (now part of G2 Worldwide). He is passionate about well designed & functional software and, like the monkey that bares the same name, he’s curious about just about everything. He’s always up for grabbing a coffee or beer. You can follow him on Twitter @gmorris or email directly at [email protected]

Andrew Hyde

Founder of Startup Weekend, spends his time now at Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch near Vail. Andrew moved to Boulder from Providence, Rhode Island, right after college. You can read his blog here, his twitter here, and contact him at [email protected] .

Anthony Dimitre

Design is his game, Anthony is from Seattle, having moved to Boulder in 2007. You can see his portfolio here, and contact him at [email protected]

Michael Barinek

Michael is a Practice Manager and Developer at Pivotal Labs in Boulder. He has a background in Software Engineering and Location Based Services. Michael began his career at Lucent Technologies in Chicago and relocated with his family to Boulder in 2004. He has helped lead agile development teams at several startups including Envysion, Mouth Watering Media, and most recently Gnip. He enjoys skateboarding, backcountry snowboarding and hiking. Feel free to contact him at [email protected] or @barinek on twitter.

Jason Mendelson

Jason is a partner at the Foundry Group, a recovering lawyer, software guy and musician. He blogs at Mendelson’s Musings. A great piece on what Boulder means to Jason is found here.

Brad Bernthal

Associate Clinical Professor at Colorado Law School, tennis enthusiast, and the Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives for Colorado University’s Silicon Flatirons Center. Brad leads the law school’s Entrepreneurial Law Clinic which provides free legal help to Boulder area start-up companies between September and April. Email him at brad.bernthal {at}

Dave Angulo

Successful technology generalist and Co-Founder of Spot Influence, along with Rich Grote. Dave and family could have lived anywhere in the world and chose Boulder for the mountains and sushi. He’s continually amazed at the energy and culture of collaboration in the startup community here. He’s @daveangulo on Twitter and you can email him at daveangulo at gmail dot com.

Josh Fraser

The king of the community applications, Josh is a founder of EventVue and Torbit. Sporting what is most certainly the best accent in Boulder, Josh an incredibly nice guy who loves the area. Reach out to Josh at [email protected]

Ingrid Alongi

Ingrid Alongi is a developer at QuickLeft and a Boulder native. She left her position as Director of Technology at an interactive agency in San Diego to get back to the balanced lifestyle of Boulder. Ingrid was a national level road and track cyclist back in the day, as well as an accomplished violinist playing gigs in San Diego and at LA’s Knitting Factory. She blogs here and can be seen on twitter here. Email her at [email protected]

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford is a founding partner at dojo4, a Boulder creative technology agency. He’s been in town for 18 years. He likes bikes, reading, writing, novel technology challenges, and cojack cheese. He knows almost all the bike paths in Boulder and he loves showing others how to get around on two wheels. Justin has deep connections with the University community.

Bing Chou

A Boston area transplant, Bing Chou moved to Colorado in 2001 and has no intentions of leaving.  He made the transition from business generalist to startup junkie by volunteering at several events in the Boulder startup community. Bing now works at Quick Left, a web engineering firm in downtown Boulder, and organizes House of Genius Boulder.

Alex Finkel

Alex is the Co-Founder and CSO of Off The Quad, a hyper-local content provider for college campuses. With a background in finance and a degree in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Alex transitioned into startups 2 years ago. When not working, Alex loves trying new restaurants around Boulder, traveling to exotic locales (Vegas), reading, and spending time with friends and family. Check him out on the twitters.

Ryan Angilly

Like Bing, Ryan is also a Boston area transplant. He moved to Boulder in August of 2010, and only took 9 days to realize he would be sticking around for a while. Ryan is a founder of SignalGenius, a B2B customer intelligence and prospect list company. He lives in downtown Boulder, and can be found hacking at Codespace, wandering around Pearl Street, enjoying quad Americanos at Atlas Purveyors, and getting his butt kicked at CrossFit Roots. You can reach Ryan on twitter at @angilly.