An Invitation to “Startup and Go” – First Steps to Building a Technology Company

This is an invitation to a crash course on the first steps to building a tech company, with talks by Aaron Patzer and other accomplished tech entrepreneurs (including Jim Franklin).

The Founder Institute and StartupDigest University have teamed up to give you “Startup and Go” – a crash course on the initial steps to creating a meaningful and enduring technology company.

“Startup and Go” is a collection of talks from the very beginning of the Founder Institute’s startup incubator program – which, in less than two years, has launched over 250 technology companies in over 15 cities worldwide. Taught by some of the program’s highest-rated Mentors, this course helps you create a strong foundation for a technology startup – from a properly vetted and researched idea, to a strong initial team. We’ve also included some follow-on assignments to help you turn these lessons into immediate action. The goal? To help you finally Startup and Go build your dream company.

This course includes three topics – Startup Ideation, Startup Research, and Startup Hiring, Firing & Co-Founders.

This is an invitation-only, free e-course on tech entrepreneurship and the audience has been given an  exclusive password.
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