BarCamp Boulder: Bring It.

(Late Friday edit: BarcampBoulder 4 is cancelled due to weather.)

Almost a year ago, I attended a session at BarCamp Vancouver ’08 called something like, “How does BarCamp apply to the real world?”

It’s a great question.  In my experience, the talking we do at an event like BarCamp is merely a part of — maybe even the start of — ongoing conversations that bounce around town, generate excitement, and spark new important/awesome/hilarious endeavors.

For example: At BarCamp Boulder 3 last year, Andrew Hyde held a little brainstorming session about how to get CU involved in the local startup scene.  He was having all sorts of trouble finding the right person or group to talk with.  We all offered ideas, and I bet most of us recalled that conversation now and again over the winter.

Some of us, it would seem, kept thinking about it and working on it.  Here we are on the eve of BarCamp Boulder 4, not even a year later, and CU is just finishing up its  first-ever CU Entrepreneurship Week.  Governor Bill Ritter is scheduled to speak this afternoon on campus about the “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.”

As everyone reading this blog knows, Boulder has received national attention of late as an example of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  BarCamp is one of the great watering holes of that ecosystem: Smart, engaging people come out, have a drink together, let their ideas mingle, and leave with new energy and plans.

It’s worth pointing out that BarCamp isn’t just about starting businesses or writing code: It’s about us.  It’s about living here in Boulder (or Northern Colorado, or the Rocky Mountains, or whatever).  It’s about things that we care about and work on, and connecting with others who care about or work on them too.  So if you have a topic that needs some attention, or an idea that needs some scrutiny, or a magic act that needs some volunteers, bring it.

BarCamp Boulder 4 kicks off tonight at 6 p.m. with beers (provided by Techstars), conversation, and maybe — by the looks of things — some snowy adventures.  Tomorrow morning we’ll have bagels and coffee (provided by Hop Studios) and start the sessions at 10 a.m.  Everything happens at 1375 Walnut, lower level.  Admission is free.  Sign up here so we know how many bagels to buy.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

(Not sure what a BarCamp is?  Wikipedia knows.)

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