BDNT Boos Non-presenter, Finishes Strong

Another Boulder Denver New Tech Meetup, another packed house.  All in all, the presentations were a mixed bag.  Until Mosoro anchored the event with a peek into their Willy Wonka world of possibilities.

Organizer Robert Reich started the evening with a couple of announcements:

  1. All teams will be mentored to improve their pitches prior to presenting; mentoring is no longer optional.
  2. Before each event, a variety of topics will be suggested as potential Birds of a Feather sessions.  Any topic receiving 5 or more votes will be assigned its own breakout room.

The presenters in order of appearance:

  1. Partied, presented by Drew Stachnik.  The Partied app is designed to help bar-hoppers be “more productive” during a night out.  Based on the user’s location, the app compiles a Top 10 list of bars and nightclubs in the area as determined by how many other people “check-out” the scene  (Partied lingo for “check-in at”).  Drew expects the app to be complete by the end of summer.
  2. HireFlo, presented by Rudy Lacavora.  Rudy made a fairly strong case that hiring well is critical to small business success, and that most small businesses suck at it.  HireFlo streamlines the hiring process by pushing job listings out to a variety of job boards, managing incoming resumes, and creating an applicant database.
  3. Table’s Ready, presented by Bill D’Alessandro and Clay Iman.  Table’s Ready is a text message replacement for expensive pager systems at busy restaurants.  The live demo lost a bit of momentum because of poor cell phone reception in the room, but the system did ultimately work, and is already being used at Cheers Boston and a handful of other test locations.  Restaurants will have live access to customer wait times, no shows, and more.
  4. Napkin Labs, presented by Riley Gibson.  Napkin Labs provides a platform for companies to collaborate with their communities to fuel innovation.  The web app allows users to contribute ideas in a series of stages, each designed to move the project forward to create actionable insights.  Customers can choose public labs for all comers or invitation only labs for specific collaborators.  On a side note, this was the first time I’m aware that somebody’s been booed at BDNT.  Riley let the audience know that co-founder Warren Ng, originally slated to co-present, had opted out at the last minute (300+ gave Warren a good-natured chorus of boos and hisses).
  5. Clarity, presented by Adam Sullivan and Billy Davenport.  Clarity is slated to provide the medical marijuana industry an inventory management, POS, and compliance system.  The team presented some eye opening data on how large the MMJ industry is.  While it’s clear that Uncle Sam is interested in seeing this system adopted, it’s unclear as to whether dispensaries, who are the folks footing the bill, will opt to use the system while the MMJ industry still looks like the Wild West.
  6. Street Fight, presented by Laura Rich.  Street Fight is a business to business resource focused on hyperlocal.  “Think of it as Adweek or GigaOm for hyperlocal,” Laura said.  Street Fight provides news on hyperlocal topics with several posts a day, and plans to add events, research, and subscription based newsletters in the future.
  7. Mosoro, presented by Mike Stemple.  Mike ended the evening with a bang, showcasing a wide variety of uses of Mosoro’s hardware widgets and software building blocks.  Examples included crowd sourced weather information from tiny temperature gathering widgets worn on a person, tiny speakers widgets attached to stuffed animals to read to children, and gyroscopic widgets to record skateboard, surfboard, and snowboard tricks.  Developers will have a field day creating novel uses of the technology, and consumers will snap them up.

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