Big thanks to all iVolunteer Volunteers (and a holla to the rest of you)

There’s something so rejuvenating about “we don’t need no stinkin’ business model” business model – and the folks at are embodying that.  Last night was the first regularly scheduled meetup of all the locals interested in helping get this non-profit startup off the ground.   I think everyone there was excited by the enthusiasm and talent in the room.  Right now there are 2 camps of people helping out, the pro-geeks (for software engineering) and the no-geeks (for everything else).  With the breadth and depth of skill in the volunteers, and no doubt we will execute quickly and have fun doing it.  Don’t take our word for it, here are some photos.  I’ll post more as they become available. is putting together an free iPhone app called iVolunteer that will show you volunteer and community involvement opportunities in your area.  It’s about mobilizing people to get their #$#@#$ off the couch and helping out, especially in a year when we’ll see many valuable non-profits go under from the rapid decline of donations.

So if you find yourself watching more than 30 minutes of TV on Tuesday nights, consider doing something more constructive and help us out.    No excuses!  (we thought of using that for the tag line, but seem to remember some t-shirt slogan somewhere…)

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With a couple of startups of my own (all in the meh category), I switched sides and have been supporting entrepreneurs for over 8 years now. I currently work for TechStars, love to travel, bike, and hang with friends and family.

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