BioVantage Resources – A Golden Startup Dedicated to Clean Water

I had the great opportunity to talk with Sue Kunz, CEO of BioVantage Resources, a Golden-based company that delivers algae production solutions for bioremediation of municipal, industrial and agricultural wastewater. Water is becoming an increasingly important topic both here in the arid Southwest and globally with the increasing severity of droughts and political instability undermining access to clean water. BioVantage Resources aims to solve one of the world’s most pressing environmental problems with a “green” solution, which quickly removes contaminants, excess nutrients, and other unwanted substances from water sources.

BioVantage is one of many of Cleantech companies emerging in the Front Range area, which Sue attributes to this area’s “green gene”.  She said where else would neighbors get excited to hear that you are composting. Colorado has all the ingredients to emerge as a place for thought leadership around Cleantech, especially on the topic of water. Sue says, “Colorado has a talented population, research institutes like the University of Colorado at Boulder Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI), the labs: NREL, NOAA and NIST, the climate, and the entrepreneurial community” to extend Colorado’s leadership role in the future.

She does concede that some of the regulatory hurdles can slow the development and growth of startups and early stage businesses, especially those relying on outside funding.  Small businesses, especially in Cleantech, need a longer runway to take off than internet startups as the problems they are tackling are not simple, one-sided isolated issues. CleanTech solutions extend far beyond the initial problem, such as clean water, to encompass energy, storage , distribution, and facility management.

If you would like to learn more about BioVantage Resources, check out how their “green” solutions are being used in different industries

Fortunately, there are enough local people and companies tackling different elements of the problem. And this is why Sue believes Colorado is ideally positioned as a leader in Cleantech.  Colorado’s environment has enabled a critical mass of innovation, a spirit of collaboration between individuals and companies, and the talent to address these global issues.

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