Boulder Beta is Here!

The area’s newest event for startups and everyone who loves entrepreneurship.

What is it?
An opportunity for community members to get together in a casual, social atmosphere. Attendees can catch up with familiar friends and colleagues, meet new people with like interests, and learn about emerging companies and products in the Boulder & Denver area. Starting this month, Beta will be held at a local venue on a regular basis (ie, monthly or every other month) and will feature about 8-10 companies at every event. Each company will have its own table so you can visit them on your own time, meet the founders and see a demo of the products/services their companies are developing.

Boulder Beta 1.0.0 will be held Tuesday, February 15 from 6-9pm.

To learn more, visit

To register now, visit:

Why Boulder Beta?

Boulder has a lot of stuff going on in the tech/startup scene. So why add another event to the mix? Because this event represents a missing link. Think about all the popular events, like BDNT, BOCC, (both extremely awesome!). Often times the most enjoyable part of these events is the pre- and post-event networking segments, which are typically limited in time. Boulder Beta offers a chance to extend that social interaction, while integrating more informal and personal engagement with the “presenting” entrepreneurs.

Boulder Beta also has a greater mission: to increase the quantity and improve the quality of interaction between our surrounding universities and the vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, and other community members. Unfortunately, a large number of students miss out on the amazing collection of entrepreneurial resources around them, due to a number of factors. I hope to leverage my relationships with the community & campus groups to bridge the gap between students/faculty and the companies that need and want their talent and expertise. In the end, any level of success in this effort will surely benefit the community as a whole.

My name is Tim Falls, and I am the primary organizer of Boulder Beta. I’m doing this for all the people who make our area such a great place to live, so I want to know how my efforts can best serve everyone. I welcome any and all feedback you have- feel free to leave a comment below, email me, or hit me up on twitter.

Finally, I could use a volunteer or two to help with the registration table at the event. If you’re interested in lending a hand, please let me know!

About the Author:
Tim works @SendGrid and tweets @TimFalls.


  1. NULL February 10, 2011

    Tim – thanks for putting this together – I’ll plan on introducing myself at the event. A great lineup of companies.

  2. laura February 23, 2011

    This sounds great! I agree the best part of an event is usually the networking. I wish I still lived in Boulder to take advantage…

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