Boulder continues to set the bar

As I sat at my second free breakfast of the week, this one sponsored by the Leeds Business School, I met another new group of friends doing interesting things. One had flown in from Atlanta, the other came in from Worchester Mass, as well as a few locals (meaning they’ve been here at least 1 month). Being a recent transplant here, I continue to be amazed at the support and interest shown by the community, it’s the perfect stage to just go up and introduce yourself, swap twitter handles, and bam you’ve got a new connection.

It was some great conversation, and one of the comments made during breakfast was “This is great, I don’t know of any other town in America that’s even trying to do something like this!” After pondering this for a bit, I have to agree, I can’t think of anywhere else with an event of this magnitude aimed specifically as startups and entrepreneurs. Chris from, who has been in town for the festivities, makes the observation that

Part of the reason I think Boulder has such a closely bonded community is that the entire downtown area is no larger than a few square miles. There are hundreds of startups located in and around Boulder, and their proximity to one another creates an amazing sense of solidarity throughout the city. When a new startup launches in Boulder, the entire town gets behind it to provide a base of enthusiastic early adopters.

We’re in a unique position to create some very real value to entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, VCs, and existing companies. Think about the benefit something like this is in helping people try out the town, identify opportunities, make new connections, connect current startups with potential talent, etc. You can’t overstate the impact that an event like this will create as it continues to mature and grow.
So what’s that all you other startup centric towns out there, you don’t have a startup week full of free food, beer, and meetups? You should get one, it’s great.

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