Boulder Entrepreneur Community

Fiona Schlachter had the excellent idea of coming up with a map of Boulder’s entrepreneurial community to show relations and give some context to events, foundations, groups, etc. that we may have heard about but not known what they were.

Check it out and comment if you have any updates/changes or additions. Also, if you feel compelled to style this to look a little bit better, let us know that as well!

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Loving Boulder. Working at Quickleft.


  1. virtuallybing June 17, 2010

    I just got a confirmation tweet from David Cohen that Open Angel Forum Boulder will be returning to the scene in August.

  2. tobymurdock June 17, 2010

    around funding you leave out Tango, Eon and Access.

  3. tarable June 18, 2010

    Should Boulder Digital Works be added under the Education bracket?

  4. Ryan Cook June 21, 2010

    all good notes! v2 coming soon to the internets near you…

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