Boulder is America’s Best Town for Startups

BusinessWeek is mulling over one of our favorite questions – “Why Boulder is America’s Best Town for Startups”. They’ve done a pretty good job at capturing the essence of why it’s so great to start companies here, especially tech companies, and … why it’s just nice to be a techie in Boulder.

They point out the fact that having some great investors in the area who actually invest in community startups help by way of giving good ideas a foothold/launch pad to become great companies. Another reason for the success of the startup community is the “Startup Boot Camp” model that TechStars and like minded initiatives promote which draw outside talent and creativity into the community.

Over the years, software, data services, and biotech blossomed as employees of those companies branched out to pursue other interests. The combination of entrepreneurship, engineering talent, and a counterculture vibe gave rise to many pre-bubble Net startups.

Really, this town is like a startup incubator unto itself.  There are over 60 startup offices within a mile of downtown, and unlike other startup hubs, little to no traffic, unwarranted stress or distraction.  Any resources you may need or mentoring that could possibly benefit you are readily available to anyone with an idea or drive to start something. The unique thing is that those who live here use it, and those who don’t live here are still welcome to it, just come on out.

Anyway, thanks BusinessWeek, and yay Boulder.

Ed. note: Al is an intern at TechStars this summer and will be posting weekly.

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