is back – Tell Your Friends, Frenemies and Total Strangers

Cue the trumpets, horns, and iPhone Lighter App!  We’re back with a new group of witty and informed writers to provide a more colorful perspective on the startup community here in Boulder. We will continue to showcase and interview emerging tech companies but we also intend to broaden our focus to include some of the cool things going on in the renewable energy and clean tech space, yummy street food vendors and record some of the insights and wisdom from our seasoned veterans of start-ups.

Do I hear a virtual “whoa, where the hell have you been”??!! If you are meeting the announcement of our glorious return with a little skepticism, we understand. But like any software upgrade, enhancement or fine-tuning, you always encounter unexpected issues. And so it was with our new roll-out.  So, please give us a second chance and if you have ideas on topics, want to contribute a post or want to get more involved in your community, drop us a line at robertsjennifer at gmail dot com.

About the Author:
Hi. I love meeting people working on their "big" idea! I write about start-ups, drink good coffee at great places (I don't think there's a bad coffee shop in Boulder), and ride my Quickbeam to work at Collective Intellect. If you want to know more about me, check out my blog


  1. Tim Falls February 08, 2011

    YAY! Love sharing this site with others who want to learn about Boulder…

  2. elizabeth moskow April 13, 2011

    hey Jennifer, I couldn’t find your contact info anywhere! I’d love to chat with you about a few new Boulder start-ups I’m working on. Coffee? [email protected]

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