Boulder Startup Week

So late last night, @andrewhyde and myself finished off the Boulder Startup Week schedule and site and it’s ready for the big reveal.  The goal is to provide each of you with the tools you need to rock Startup Week.  Meaning you should be equipped to make some great contacts and build out your network, get a feel for the intimate startup scene here in Boulder, learn something, and find a way to enjoy yourself while doing all that.  Between the drinks, meals, people, and topics of discussion, you shouldn’t have a problem hitting all those goals.

Just a few links to help you through the week – So we’re doing a cool thing with our RSVP-ing, we’re using PlanCast.  As you RSVP, leave a comment and introduce yourself, start the conversation going before you even get there.  If you’re coming in from out of town, this is a great way to break the ice.  Also, we’re hoping this is helpful in letting you find people you’re hoping to connect with throughout the week.

BoulderStartupWeek.comYour landing page throughout the week.  For general information / schedule, this is our master list, and we’ve conveniently split the events up by day so you can piece together you schedule for the week.  Also, this will be a good one to check throughout the week as changes to the schedule will hit here first.

So there you go.  I’d suggest you spend a few minutes and build out your strategy for the week in order to make the most of the opportunity, RSVP your heart out on PlanCast, and get ready to rock Startup Week.

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