Boulder Startup Week

Another spring in Boulder is throwing 10″ of snow one day and melting all off the next.  Bright sun is welcoming in the spring and summer, and those of us that were welcomed here are pushing forward the invitation to you, startup lover, to visit Boulder May 4-8.

The Flatirons from the St. Julian with Tim Ferriss

We are hosting Boulder Startup Week May 4-8th.  The startups in town are rolling out the red carpet (not really, I don’t think there is one in town) but figuratively, for you, talented developer, designer, UI, manager or startup enthusiast, to come for a visit.  There are a ton of jobs for developers, marketers, designers and managers (and we need more talent in town!).

The week will be full of coworking, hackathons, hikes, rides, parties, Ignite Boulder (largest Ignite in the world), Boulder New Tech Meetup and many, many more events.

Here is a sample of events

May 4th

Boulder New Tech Meetup.  6 companies show what they are up to.

Opening Party Hosted by Pivotal Labs

May 5th

Hike up Sanitas hosted by Nate, Natty, Ryan, Tony from Everlater– We’ll meet at the trailhead and hike up Mt. Sanitas.  A fun and beautiful hike right near downtown Boulder

Coworking at QuickLeft hosted by Ingrid Alongi– Have work to do? We have snacks and desks with a great view, come and cowork with us!

Blogs & Beers hosted by Tara Anderson– Let’s drink some local Boulder beer and talk blogging. What could be more fun that that? (Especially on a day when everyone else will be drinking margs!)

May 6th

Burgers at Trada hosted by Niel Robertson– We’ll be just moved into our new office and have a great front patio where we can do burgers and drinks

Ruby Hackers Meetupdojo4 Ruby Hackers meetup, talk about jobs in the area, what you are working on and meet other Rubists!
Ignite Boulder hosted by Andrew Hyde– Ignite is a night of presentations with a twist.  Meet at 5pm at the DraftHouse for beers on TechStars, then walk over at 6pm for Ignite!

May 7th

TechStars Pow-Wow hosted by TechStars / David Cohen Come hang out with David Cohen and learn about TechStars in “The Bunker”. Learn how TechStars has helped the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and meet a few of our companies too.
Banjo Billys Bus Tour Nate, Natty, Ryan, Tony from Everlater
Beans & Brews (necessities of a startup) hosted by Napkin Labs Come work with Napkin Labs in our coffee shop office (shared space with 15th Street Coffee) over Complimentary Beer (the good stuff) from Napkin Labs  and/or 1/2 priced Coffees & Espresso from 15th Street Coffee
SimpleGeo-palooza: Rock Band, Beer, Pizza, Awesomesauce hosted by SimpleGeo

Disco Bowling at Splitz hosted by SurveyGizmo

May 8th

Startup Social Brunch hosted by Andrew Hyde The send off brunch, I’m going to buy brunch and mimosas for everyone that came!  Thanks for checking out Boulder, enjoy Mother’s Day Weekend!

We are adding about 20 more events, the tech community is throwing down the ‘cool event’ gauntlet and making sure there is ample stuff to do.  The local hosts of these events many times are hiring or know people that are and will help you if you are looking for a new job.

If you want to visit Boulder, this is the week to do it!

So, will you join us?

Register (FREE) here.  Also mark it on your plancast. This is so we know how many are coming!  Questions or want to help out?  [email protected]

Red Rocks Looking at Flatirons
Brad and Brett
Flatirons Photowalk Boulder Colorado
Ignite Boulder 5-9
Occipital Presenting
TSFAD2010 Boulder-5

About the Author:

Andrew leads the TEDxBoulder, Boulder Startup Week and Ignite Boulder efforts and has worked in startups for ten years. He blogs about startups, bootstrapping, events and triathlon at and you can follow him on twitter here.


  1. Joe Pezzillo March 30, 2010

    @PushIO will be glad to host some folks one afternoon or evening earlier in the week (details TBD).

  2. Jason Sosa April 01, 2010

    Just booked a flight to Boulder, CO to check out Startup week May 4-8

  3. andrewhyde April 01, 2010

    Looking forward to hosting a great week!

  4. April 06, 2010

    Excited to hear is alive again! We're looking for someone to lead our marketing efforts. I'll try to make it out, we had a blast at the first event a few years back. Great work Andrew.

    casey at printfection dot com

  5. Michael Birdsong April 13, 2010

    “We are hosting Boulder Startup Week May 4-8th. The startups in town are rolling out the red carpet (not really, I don’t think there is one in town) but figuratively, for you, talented developer, designer, UI, manager or startup enthusiast, to come for a visit. There are a ton of jobs for developers, marketers, designers and managers (and we need more talent in town!).”

    'Tons of jobs for developers' in Boulder? Really? Where? How does a Boulder local (whose worked with five high tech start-ups in the last decade) make the right connections to get an interview for these jobs?

  6. Dave Goldschmidt April 17, 2010

    Thanks for organizing Boulder Startup Week, Andrew! My Buycentives co-founder and I are coming from Ann Arbor – it will be his first visit to Boulder. We are looking forward to reconnecting with many folks from my previous visits, and meeting more potential partners, investors and clients as well as sharing our knowledge to help others.

  7. Ashley April 20, 2010

    This is great news and a wonderful initiative!

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  8. Prakash Murthy April 27, 2010

    Planning to move to Boulder by end of May; this event comes at a perfect time for me! Have made my travel arrangements to be there from next Tuesday to Friday.

  9. Jason Sosa May 09, 2010

    Had a fantastic time this week! Look forward to the next bsw

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