Building Bridges

Over the past year I’ve been increasingly involved in Boulder’s startup goodness. From CU organizations like the ELC and the Deming Center to the mandatory monthly meet-ups and presentations. The ability and interest of the community makes an incredible resource for turning a project into a business – but that’s possible because of the great social aspect of it.

I spent a good portion of last summer in Pasadena [working and] competing in the ‘friend’ game where you earned a point every time you met a new person. As approachable as people are here it’s harder to rack up a high score because it’s so easy to get lost in conversation about all of the exciting projects going on.  Even scoring a few points at each meet-up will leave you networked to a pretty bright crowd quickly.

Last night after an inspiring talk by Josh Fraser [eventvue] at DIV, a friend brought up an idea for a new project that just made complete sense to me. Talking through it we knew exactly what resources to rely on and where to go for help to launch the project as our next business. All from or through the great folks we’ve networked with at Boulder’s events it seemed so straightforward.

This isn’t the first startup that either of us our planning to launch as CU students, but it is the first that we’ll have launched as the minority of networked CU students. This reminded me of why we launched CU’s web development club DIV in the first place: To network students into Boulder’s wonderful world of web development. With all of CU’s [non hallucinogenic inspired] great ideas there hasn’t been a clear bridge to launching a product on the web until recently. We’re going to keep bringing in inspiring speakers to our events along with hack sessions to give students the bridge they need into development and Boulder’s tech community. Stay tuned for more from CU.

About the Author:
CU Aerospace student that makes companies, not war. Won 2007 Undergraduate Leeds' Business Plan Competition with ChalkTalk Communications. Participated in 2008 New Ventures national b-plan contest while being a client of the entrepreneurial law clinic. Might be seen rep'ing ChalkTalk [] at some of the local meetups, or building robots in the Aerospace wing @ CU. Also member of CUNVC [] committee and co-founder of CUDIV [] student webdev club.

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