Develop and Innovate with Vision is the title we fit to an acronym that all web devs could appreciate.  We saw around 40 student web devs gather together last night on the CU campus for DIV’s first meeting (Granted free pizza always guarantees a crowd on campus).  We’re pretty excited that this is the first of many events that will really establish CU’s competence as a source of startup dev talent!  

The crowd was filled with bright kids  and some awesomely technical conversations that have me really excited to see what projects might be cooking up.  During the meeting both  speakers, John Fiala on Drupal and David Dango held great discussions with the crowd that more than expanded my wordpress-only knowledge of using a CMS.

We also took the suggestion given @ the last newtech meetup to color code nametags, complete with Andrew’s special color for “don’t talk to me”.  We had fun with that..

Stay tuned for some great hacking @ the CU dev community.  If you’re a fun startup in need of a young hacker ping us @ or stop by for a plug.  We’ll be keeping this up on the last Wednesday of each month @ 6pm on campus, so say Hi!

P.S. Any local tech experts want to speak next month?

About the Author:
CU Aerospace student that makes companies, not war. Won 2007 Undergraduate Leeds' Business Plan Competition with ChalkTalk Communications. Participated in 2008 New Ventures national b-plan contest while being a client of the entrepreneurial law clinic. Might be seen rep'ing ChalkTalk [] at some of the local meetups, or building robots in the Aerospace wing @ CU. Also member of CUNVC [] committee and co-founder of CUDIV [] student webdev club.


  1. Rob Witoff January 30, 2009

    Spy on our forums @

  2. Matt Tucker January 30, 2009

    I was quite impressed by this group. I see a lot of potential in a group such as this forming. Boulder is filled with web-based start-ups and the connection between CU students and the start-up community has been lacking. I think that this group will greatly help join students and high-tech Boulder-based companies. I look forward to seeing this group grow.

    — Matt Tucker
    Drupal Design + Development

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