Drinks, Mustaches, & Capital

This last week has been an absolute blast here in Boulder for me.  Tuesday, at iVolunteer, we got a demo of our WordPress plugin, so progress is speedy!  Wednesday, well, I can’t say enough about Wednesday.  Lets just say it started with fake mustaches and ended with Jeremy Tanner doing a keg stand at Ignite Boulder.  The presentations ranged from zombies to rap to pissing people off.   Plus, free beer!  If you haven’t been to one yet, do not, under any circumstances, miss the next one.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a true belly laugh.  My cheeks (face) still hurt – and I still have that fake mustache!  (Did I mention there was free beer?)

Up next Tuesday is Jason Mendleson giving a talk on Venture Capital, followed by Startup Drinks and BioBeers.

I shouldn’t mention that it’s been about 45 degrees outside everyday, which is practically shorts weather.  So for those of you sitting at home, in the dark, lonely, sad… blame yourself tubster!

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With a couple of startups of my own (all in the meh category), I switched sides and have been supporting entrepreneurs for over 8 years now. I currently work for TechStars, love to travel, bike, and hang with friends and family.


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