Duck Hunting Leads to Great Local Deals

This morning I got the chance to talk with Andrea Pawliczek from duckduckDeal!, a company that offers a free iPhone application, which connects customers with great local deals. But before I asked about the cool features of the application or the benefits to merchants, I had to ask why the name duckduckDeal!. Andrea said it was a play on the children’s game of “duck, duck, goose” and instead of the goose being “it”  in tag, the goose is a great deal!
The software works in two ways:

  • connecting customers with deals and discounts from their favorite local businesses
  • enabling merchants to instantly communicate special offers to local customers

The software is available for customers as a free iPhone app (a Droid version will be available soon) or you can visit their Web site, if you want to check out merchant discounts. So, if you are out and looking to grab lunch or drinks with friends you can quickly browse a list of merchant offerings and see if your favorite place is giving a discount.
duckduckDeal! allows merchants to instantly create offerings, like happy hour discounts.  So, instead of simply throwing out a coupon and possibly having them redeemed at peak times, merchants  can target special promotions during their less busy times and connect with  an audience that may have a little more flexibility, like students.

Treasure Hunt

This coming Monday, July 19th, duckduckDeal! is having a treasure hunt. Clues will be released via Twitter @duckduckdeal), Facebook (, and on their website and the free iPhone app that lead to ducks hidden around Boulder. Find a duck, win a prize. The finders of the first three ducks will win prizes including gift certificates and cash. Along with a prize to the finder, the discovery of each of these ducks will release a piece of our treasure map on this page.

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