Getting to the Heart of a Conversation

Overhearing a conversation between customers is interesting and revealing especially if it is about a service or product your company offers. But how much more valuable would that information be if you could analyze those conversations over time and were able to apply filters like sentiment, terms and themes. Then you would have information about your customer and actionable insights into your relationship with that customer.

A new Social CRM tool from Collective Intellect does exactly that. Their new Social CRM tool goes beyond simply monitoring social media conversations to allow businesses to analyze the sentiment, considerations and true voice of a customer. This type of analysis allows businesses to better understand the true nature of customer sentiment – the ‘heart of the conversation‘. The tool is web-based, automated and real-time, which can give companies timely, relevant and actionable insights into their customer’s experience. One of the distinguishing features of the tool is its ability to provide trending details. In other words, a company can get a clearer picture of customer sentiment over a period of time, which provides a much broader and deeper understanding of customer feedback than a daily or even monthly view. This type of detail allows companies to establish baselines and dig deeper into their competitive analysis.

I had the chance to speak with Greg Greenstreet, CTO & SVP Engineering, about the new product offering and he is excited by the feedback they have received so far.  He mentioned that many of their newer customers end up trying out Collective Intellect after becoming frustrated with other tools that simply monitor customer conversations. According to Greg, what differentiates Collective Intellect Social CRM is that although you can still view the snippets of customer conversations you can pull back and study the full expression of conversations and glean so much more.

Collective Intellect just moved offices but is still located in downtown Boulder. Greg is excited about the new place but even more enthusiastic about the company itself.   He said, ‘…we have a great culture here, and some truly talented and amazing people. It’s an exciting place to be.”

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