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I love Boulder.  Now I love I Love Boulder too.  I Love BoulderWhat better way to embody the spirit of the Boulder community than to have local organizations and businesses create a structure for individuals to tweet, blog, video, and photograph their love of Boulder together?

Boulder is regularly recognized as a great place to live, work, and eat by its inclusion in a variety of Top 10 lists each year.  It’s great PR for the city, due in no small part to the fine folks at the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau and other organizations with the budget and structure to elevate Boulder’s profile for our collective benefit.

Cold Snap at Chautauqua Park

Adding my photo to Flickr was a piece of cake.

With the recent launch of I Love Boulder, individuals like you and me now have a variety of tools to add our personal perspective.  Tweeting about something inspirational you heard at Startup Women?  Add the hashtag #iloveboulder.  Snap a cool photo of kids frolicking in the jet fountains on Pearl Street?  Add it to the Flickr pool.  Many of you already pimp the Boulder brand; making it part of the I Love Boulder effort is a natural extension.

Hats off to my friends at Quick Left and Cypher13 for building out the website and creating the branding.  The fact that they’ve donated their services is a reflection of what makes the Boulder community so great.

Quick Left’s role in this project is no surprise if you’ve read Jennifer Roberts’ post about them.  Steve Hubert had this to say on behalf of the Quick Left team:

Giving money wasn’t an option for our small startup but we could give something we had plenty of, engineering talent.  Being in Boulder has been amazing for Quick Left on both a professional level and on a lifestyle level.  So, when the opportunity came to support this community, we were excited to jump in.

When I got in touch with Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr about getting Cypher13 involved:

Cypher13 Design studio considers itself part of the fabric of Boulder and…has been provided with exceptional opportunities from within the Boulder community… When Cypher13 sees an opportunity to give back to Boulder and make a difference, it’s very happy to do so.

I can tell you from first hand experience that both Quick Left and Cypher13 are companies that have loads of talent and take a huge amount of pride in what they do.  The fact that they are willing to share their talents with the Boulder community as a whole is a wonderful thing.

I Love Boulder Screenshot

As a beneficiary of what the Boulder community offers, I feel it is my giri, my duty, to do my part in spreading the Boulder love.  I’ve uploaded a few photos to Flickr and written this post to get started.  I can hardly wait to see what our collective creativity will come up with.  What do you have in mind to help out?

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