Ignite Boulder Wednesday, Get Your Ticket!

Ignite Boulder, a 800 person tech / geek event is Wednesday, and tickets are about to sell out!

Get yours quick! Less than 100 left.

Here are the speakers:

Ryan Wanger Topic: (Almost) Nothing is Irreversible: A Guide to Decision Making
Kate Brown MacGyver your way through dangerous situations: Lifesaving hacks from the sport of triathlon
David Mejias A baby, a bird and an Afro: How to plan for and make conceptual photographs.
Ali Schultz Game (ig)Night: The shortest distance between two people is a good laugh.
Tara Anderson Pain & the Art of Long-Distance Backpacking
Cris Silva Brazilian Portuguese for Foreigners

Intermission featuring The Low Flying Knobs

Josh Mishell Minimize Your Hangover & Maximize Your Awesomeness: How to Thrive at a Beer Festival
Lisa Seaman Clap Happy!
Leela Turnage How Drug Smuggling and A Run-In With the Mexican Army Helped Me Ace Spanish Clas
Matthew Lenda There IS such a thing as bad music, and it will be the end of us all.
Nick Armstrong Nerd-gasm AKA The Life Lessons of Geek Heroes
Julie Wallace Working with SCIs
Gina Bugiada Drugs, Sex, Love and Environmentalism: 20 things I’ve Learned During My Move From NEW YORK to Boulder

About the Author:
Andrew leads the TEDxBoulder, Boulder Startup Week and Ignite Boulder efforts and has worked in startups for ten years. He blogs about startups, bootstrapping, events and triathlon at andrewhy.de and you can follow him on twitter here.

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