Leaky roof? Broken tooth? Fidatto can help!

Need a plumber? New to town and wondering about optometrists? Fidatto was designed to help you find a trusted service provider using your existing network  of Facebook friends. Fidatto is a free Facebook application which allows you to find and recommend local service providers like plumbers, dentists, hair stylists, roofers, etc. Instead of browsing through hundreds of recommendations by people you don’t know in Yelp, craigslist or the Yellow Pages, you can see who your Facebook friends are using. Fiona Schlachter, who started Fidatto with 3 partners,  had the idea after seeing  so many of her Facebook friends ask for recommendations  in a wall post and get dozens of responses. She thought a free app developed for Facebook would be a more efficient way to promote your favorite service providers and find new ones.

Fiona credits the amazing support of the Boulder startup community with giving her the experience and confidence to start Fidatto. She left her corporate life and spent about a year working with and attending events in the startup community (SnapImpact, Boulder Open Coffee Club, Girls in Tech, Boulder Denver New Tech, Ignite, Boco, Silicon Flatirons, and many more) and it felt like an entrepreneurial internship.  She learned so much that she and her business partners decided to tackle what  they saw as a significant  opportunity to improve the word of mouth experience for Facebook users.  The best part is that she is having more fun than expected.

Fidatto  went live in June 2010 and is growing slowly as planned. This is a bootstrap effort and Fiona is the only full-time partner today.  They want the tool to evolve in a manageable way and plan to introduce new features and functions as demand grows and the business becomes more mature.  The long term goal is for Fidatto to be a part of your profile, like your education or current city, so that Facebook can enrich communities by promoting local service providers.

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