Marketing your startup seminar

The Underpants Business of South Park goes like this:  Phase 1, steal lots of underpants.  Phase 3, PROFITS!

So the logical question here is, what’s phase 2?

I loved that episode of South Park, mostly because of all the startups I’ve talked with, most of them get a clueless look on their face when you bring up their go-to-market strategy.  What do you mean? they ask.  I’m going to do some Adwords Campaigns, maybe I’ll hire a sales guy when I can afford it. Prepare for a really hard and fast landing if that’s your strategy.  You need to think about vertical markets, horizontal markets, how to get your lists, what kind of marketing you’ll do (print, online, phone, direct, whatever) – its exhaustive.  While I don’t mean to scare you, I do wish more entrepreneurs would start thinking about it before launching companies.

So, to help you start thinking about it, CU’s Silicon Flatirons program is running a free seminar tonight and on the 27th to help give some insights on how to market your product and company.  Start thinking about Phase 2 BEFORE you execute Phase 1!  And of course its a good place to come network.

But the real question is who else is missing their underpants?  Ummm….no comment.

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With a couple of startups of my own (all in the meh category), I switched sides and have been supporting entrepreneurs for over 8 years now. I currently work for TechStars, love to travel, bike, and hang with friends and family.


  1. Andrew Hyde January 26, 2009

    2 points for using the Underpants Business Model.

    I’m going to go!

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