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I’m not a food critic. Sometimes I pretend I’m a food blogger, but not that often. Oh! Sometimes I write about the most amazing cheese plates whenever I discover them. But I’m not an expert, by any means.

That didn’t stop Mateo Restaurant (@mateorestaurant) from making me feel like one while simultaneously giving me the most fun story to tell for more than one of the publications I write for, as well as a nod from @boulderbars, for whom I’m also a reviewer.  Delicious food, impressive service, and great company for me – – killer write-ups, totally free press, and a sold new customer for them.

Here’s the story of how one local Boulder eatery used Twitter to not only simply engage me, but won my business, my taste buds, and my little social media-loving heart.

It started last Tuesday. I follow @mateorestaurant on Twitter, and they’d tweeted:

“Inviting all of Boulder to @mateorestaurant tonight! Love to see you tonight… Great happy hour tonight!!!”

So, I responded:

“Well, what IS your happy hour?”

The following conversation ensued:

@mateorestaurant: Amazing drinks and food special… 5-6:30pm.
@doniree: but, but, what IS the special?
@mateorestaurant: frits $2, salade… $3 cheese tasting $7…more..Drinks…house wine $4 Stella $3… just a little taste!
@mateorestaurant: daily selection of cheese, fruit, wine jelly, nuts, and grilled bread
@doniree: SWEET! I’m a cheese FREAK. How about your wines? Anything special? I’m tapped into a neat wine blog and would love to chat 🙂
@mateorestaurant: All kinds of specials… You will need to come in and taste everything…
@doniree: Sigh, that’s a tall order, but I just might be the chickadee to do it!
@mateorestaurant: We would love to see you!

I didn’t make it in on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, I tweeted this:

“Need to: make dinner, pack for MN (!!!) and get some writing done, but all I can think about is cheese and wine @mateorestaurant; any takers?”

I quickly got a response – again from the restaurant:

“We hope to see you soon!!! Come see us anytime…”

Not wanting to be a tease, I showed up. I beat my dinner companion (my roommate) to the bar, so I saddled up, ordered the house red and the bar nuts while I waited. The bartender, Alex, and I started chatting about the wine and the menu and I mentioned the cheese plate.

Alex the Bartender: “Are you on Twitter?”

Me: “Why yes, yes I am! Are you the one running the Twitter account for this place?”

Alex the Bartender: “No, actually. That’s the owner’s wife. She called not long ago and mentioned that we’d have a couple of girls in for wine and cheese plates, and to make sure to say hi. So, hello! And thanks for coming in.”

I waited until Alex the Bartender turned around before I let my jaw hit the floor, but I was SO impressed that not only had someone at Mateo got me through the doors, but they made an extra effort to welcome me once I got in there.

Further conversation with Alex the Bartender revealed that the owners were Matthew and Megan Jansen (Matthew is also a chef there), and that Megan was the one behind the Twitter account. A few moments later, I checked in with Tweetie and found this:

We hadn’t even gotten our cheese plate yet, and I’d been welcomed by @mateorestaurant on Twitter, Alex the Bartender (care of Megan the owner’s wife) and then byMegan herself (and Megan?  I’m going to try to swing in this Friday to say hi).

Color me impressed, y’all.

And that’s not even getting into the awesomeness that was the food.  Those details can be found on my own little food blog,  Remember, I’m not a food critic or expert of any kind – I just LOVE to eat.  And drink great wine.  And enjoy great service.

And I totally and completely adore when my love of social media meets my love of food and dining.  Mateo Restaurant, you have won my little tweeting heart.


About the Author:
Doniree Walker is a Boulder, Colorado transplant by way of Minneapolis, Minnesota. By trade, she's a social media columnist at FRWD (a Minneapolis new media agency) and a Publisher Services Manager at Lijit Networks, here in Boulder. She documents her journeys and adventures in yoga, travel, and living in color on her personal blog, {} and notes her travel and foodie finds at {}. You can also catch her in 140 characters or less @doniree. Stop by and say hi, she’d love to meet you!


  1. Rachel March 02, 2010

    this makes me want to move to boulder. amazing people AND cheese plate. EPIC win.

  2. jenniferalaine March 03, 2010

    Umm… can we go here when I visit? Cheese, wine, AND Twitter? Sounds like my heaven.

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