New Boulder Events in 2009

Two new(ish) events will hit the Boulder scene in 2009.  In hopes of continuing to build the community, connect people, and have some serious fun, be on the lookout for bi-weekly events called “Techercise” and Boulder’s own Startup Drinks.

  • Techercise – Get out and enjoy the one-of-a-kind outdoors we are lucky to have here in Boulder with fellow Boulder entrepreneurs, techies, and investors.  Different activities for all abilities and interests.  Spandex optional.
  • Boulder Startup Drinks – Network, chat, moan, groan, strategize, procrastinate and (insert desired verb here) over your drink of choice at a rotating selection of Boulder watering holes with new and old friends.  Expect discount drinks, good fun networking, and maybe even the occasional appearance of local legends.

These events are only as good as you all make them, so please come join – the more the merrier.  The first Startup Drinks will be after the HackSpace at TechStars on January 15th – location to be determined by vote, so be there.  The first Techercise will be the following morning, January 16th at Chautauqua Park near the ranger station at 7:45 am for a nice quick hike.  Keep up on those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get fit after a fun night of hacking and Startup Drinks.  I look forward to seeing you all there, look for me in a Bianchi cycling cap at both events.

Lace ’em up and bottoms up,

Natty Zola (on behalf of the Everlater team).

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  1. adam January 08, 2009

    two great tastes that taste great together… IT start-up geeks + Biotech start-up geeks, add booze and who knows what will happen. Let’s combine forces, Boulder Startup Drinks + BioBeers in Feb or March. Please contact me to coordinate [email protected]

  2. Elizabeth Kudner January 13, 2009

    Love the techercise idea. Wanted to start a lunchtime run from downtown on thursdays, so maybe we can collaborate. have to be in Denver by 9:30 on Friday, so i’m not sure I can make it. Are you going to do this on a regular basis? Let me know.

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