New Tech Meetup should become the TweetUp

Last week’s New Tech Meetup was one of the more entertaining ones I have attended.  First of all, the room was packed.  Nary was there room to stand, much less for a butt cheek.  (but I must happily declare not a whiff of patchouli was in the air).  Rob started the crowd off right by having us introduce ourselves to our neighbors, which quickly derailed the entire room; so while I did meet 2 new peeps, I can’t remember their names or what they look like (I need longer than 8 seconds per intro!)  We did learn the true definition of Web 3.0 ( means still in business!) and the Meetup announced a Denver session.  There were 2 female presenters for a change – an issue near and dear to yours truly.  I wish I could tell you the presenters, male and female alike, did a great job, but Twitter clearly stole the show.  I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to display the live Twitter feed for all references to #bdnt, but the entire Meetup turned into tweeps elbowing for time on screen.  It then degraded further into a competition of who could come up with the wittiest comment.

Now, I’m truly not complaining.  I spent the entire Meetup laughing at the jokes and the wit (Denver smells like Fritos!).  I came pretty close to wetting my pants when HeyRich had his beer delivered that he ordered from the screen.  I know I got a dozen or so follows out of it, an enjoyable side effect of attempting wit publicly but failing miserably.  But I barely remember the presenters.  And what is the BDNT if not for the presenters?

So remind me, if/when I ever have the courage to get up there,  make sure the live feed is off.  (insert the booo hisss here).  Wait, I mean on.  Okay, okay, off.

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With a couple of startups of my own (all in the meh category), I switched sides and have been supporting entrepreneurs for over 8 years now. I currently work for TechStars, love to travel, bike, and hang with friends and family.


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