New York Times found Boulder

Boulder continues to be recognized as the place for startups.  The New York Times did a story today on Boulder’s success in the startup arena.  They contrasted the scene here with the scene in Silicon Valley trying to identify what it was about this place that made it stand out so.

“In Silicon Valley, you’re a small fish in a huge pond, and it didn’t seem as collaborative and a lot more corporate,” said Chad McGimpsey … “Here, you’re a big fish in a small pond. Plus, there are the mountains.”

And while I may disagree with how small the pond is, I get where he’s coming from.  The opportunity is more accessible here.   It’s the culmination of talent, success, desire, and failure that make up this wonderful supportive community, which continues to sustain innovation and creativity while so many other cities are failing.

“Boulder has reached this beautiful sweet spot, where it has many advantages of a university town — tech and talent and openness — but without many of the costs and traffic and congestion that may disadvantage incumbent centers of innovation,”

The amazing thing to me is people (New York Times?) still can’t figure out what it is about this place, and really you just have to be here to get it, but when you do finally get it, you’ll never leave.  Even if you have to become a hippie on Pearl St, it’s totally worth it.

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  1. Ben May 17, 2010

    Boulder, by almost all approaches, is a small pond.

  2. Eric P. May 19, 2010

    I moved to Boulder from New York City. I worked for a company that had offices in the City and in Boulder and soon after I started they flew me out to Boulder for training. My wife came along as well and we both fell in love with the area. Two years later I put in a request to be transferred to the Boulder office and I've been living here for the past three years. I enjoy the culture and availability of multitudes of outdoor activities (and the high density of tech. startups [and giants] doesn't hurt either when looking for a new job.)

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