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Death Ninja Squad Tools of the TradeWith a name like dojo4, you would expect quite the story to explain how the Boulder-based design and development company got started. David Clements, one of the founders, did not disappoint. David described meeting with Jeff Larrimore, Justin Crawford, and Ara Howard (the other founders) over drinks at Bacaro when the idea of collaboration was first discussed. Initially, they had hoped to share office space – to create a collaborative environment where they could meet and if not work together then at least share ideas, chat and share. They also wanted to open this area to other designers and developers – friends in the field, to drop in and chat, work and maybe share a beer. But first they decided to name their effort and with the help of the good vibes at Bacaro came up with Death Ninja Squad.

Fortunately, after the hangover wore off they decided upon dojo4. But they kept the swords and a bit of the theme – 4 is the Japanese symbol for death. Then something strange happened. David said once they named their space, the work began pouring in. Now, they are helping start-ups and other more established companies with their branding, video production, development, packaging, photography – essentially any creative development concept. The folks at dojo4 aim to use art and technology to help companies with their development projects. As important as the creative and technical development of a project is the relationship doJo4 establishes with a client. Jeff stressed how important this component of their business is and in many ways builds on their ideas around community space. They want to get to know their clients, understand their needs and figure out how dojo4 can help – they want their clients to be as proud of the end-result as Dojo4 will be to include it in their portfolio!

The dojo4 group is comprised of Corey Kohn, Dave Clements, Jeff Larrimore, Justin Crawford and Ara Howard.

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