TechStars Boulder Demo Day 2011

Packed House

Photos: Andrew Hyde

Another TechStars Boulder Demo Day, another home run.  I had high expectations following last year’s event, but 2011’s class did not disappoint yesterday.

The Boulder Theater had plenty of Demo Day energy from the start, with TechStars alumni manning a variety of posts, investors making their rounds on the first floor, and other Boulder community members heading to their seats on the balcony.

After the event kicked off with an NBA playoff-like introduction of the 12 teams,  it was straight to the action, listed here in super-condensed form:

lets utility companies engage their customers with information and game mechanics to help them save energy.  Think Mint for energy consumption.

FlixMaster lets people create videos that allow viewers to choose what happens next and interact in other ways.  Branching-path video: Choose Your Own Adventure in multi-media form.

Creative Brain Studios gives developers the ability to create a game published across a myriad of phone, tablet, and computer platforms at once, letting them focus on creativity instead of headaches.

TruantToday immediately notifies parents by text and e-mail when a student skips class, helping the schools that use it to recover thousands in otherwise lost funding.

Meal Ticket lets food service distributors partner with restaurants to create coupons and other promotions, creating more demand from their customers’ customers.

Mocavo is a free search engine specific to genealogy, allowing users to research their family tree and receive automated updates as new information is discovered.

After the 15 minute break, TechStars Co-founder/Congressman Jared Polis shared a few words, followed by Co-founder David Cohen’s introduction to a trailer for the upcoming Bloomberg Television documentary series about TechStars NYC 2011, premiering September 13th. Then it was back to the presentations:

GoSpotCheck connects brands with a crowdsourced workforce to check on their products’ in-store merchandising.  Mechanical Turk meets the secret shopper.

ReportGrid gives developers an API to add analytics and reporting features into their web applications without having to code them from scratch.

InboxFever turns e-mail accounts into mini-applications of their own, returning stock quotes, driving directions, and other information based on e-mail subject lines and content.

SocialEngine offers message-by-message advice to help businesses manage their social media communications by highlighting negative comments, influential people, and more.

Flextrip lets online travel companies market tours and activities in a vertical marketplace.  It’s Kayak extended beyond travel and accomodations into “what to do when you get there”.

FullContact‘s API takes a chunk of partial contact information, pieces it together with other data, and returns complete, updated contact records.

The rounds being raised ranged from $500k up to $1.5M, many of which had significant commitments coming into the event.  This marks an increase compared to the fund raising efforts of the previous class, which ranged from $250k up to $1M this time last year (The sign of a stronger class or an entrepreneur-friendly fund raising bubble?  Take a peek at the TechStars Results Page, then come back and discuss).

Congratulations to TechStars and this summer’s graduating class – well done.  Thank you for involving the community as you always have, and we’ll see you at Demo Day 2012!

Community members: if you’ve got ideas on how TechStars can do it even better next year, get the conversation started in the comments y’all.

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