This Week in TechStars: David Cohen, Brad Feld, Jeff Clavier, and Ari Newman

TechStars has been busy. Very busy. Last Friday the incubator launched This Week in TechStars, a weekly webcast under the This Week In umbrella, on the heels of the Do More Faster book tour, the filming of the Bloomberg Television series TechStars (premiering 9/13), and TechStars Boulder Demo Day.  With all of this exposure, count on TechStars to get even busier.

Host David Cohen, TechStars Co-founder, welcomes Brad Feld, TechStars Co-founder and Foundry Group Managing Director, Jeff Clavier, SoftTechVC Founder, and Ari Newman, Filtrbox Founder and TechStars alumnus, to the first episode of the show.

TechStars intends to bring TechStars entrepreneurs and mentors onto the show to talk about real problems facing entrepreneurs.  The premiere did not disappoint.  If your company is struggling with its pricing model, the last conversation with Ari Newman will be invaluable.

The BlipSnips (TechStars Boulder ’10) summary of the show is below.  Please leave a comment if you think having a weekly summary of This Week in TechStars will be valuable to you.

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  1. ScriptPad Inc. August 12, 2011

    Bing, thanks so much for sharing. I really like the BlipSnips style annotation, especially for video content of this length. It allows me to hop in and out of the video at the times that are important to me, and also allows me to “see” content when I may have dropped off previously.

    Great stuff and I hope there are more like it!


  2. Bing Chou August 17, 2011

    Appreciate it Adam – we’ll try to include this format for each episode as long as people find it valuable.

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