Way Below Status Quo – Thursday Meet-Up

Way Below Status Quo (http://waybelowstatusquo.com/) is a group of three prolific bloggers and entrepreneurs (@colinismyname, @TMFproject and @instigatingandi) who are road tripping across the United States this summer, stopping in cities and towns to learn more about the community and give back.

Throughout the way, they will be tweeting, blogging and video blogging about each stop, location, local business and people they meet.

Boulder is one of their stops!

Thursday, July 29th. Come join for the day at the various events we’ve hosted and planned for this group.


  • 10:00 AM Hike

*At 2:00 PM, a team that’s part of TechStars, http://kapost.com/ will be meeting with the WBSQ team at Atlas to discuss entrepreneurship, their new product and looking for feedback/ideas from bloggers.

  • 7:00 PM The Bitter Bar is hosting a party with special drinks, mingling and get together!

If you can’t make the events during the day, come to The Bitter Bar to learn more about their project, mingle, show what a great community Boulder has and enjoy a delicious drink.

More information here: (http://social.waybelowstatusquo.com/wp-content/uploads/files/wbsq_mediakit.pdf).

See you there?

You can RSVP for any/all of Thursday’s plans here: http://statusquo-boulder.eventbrite.com/

*If you want to participate or have a good idea to be included on their schedule, please reach out to any of these three Boulder gals:

About the Author:
Doniree Walker is a Boulder, Colorado transplant by way of Minneapolis, Minnesota. By trade, she's a social media columnist at FRWD (a Minneapolis new media agency) and a Publisher Services Manager at Lijit Networks, here in Boulder. She documents her journeys and adventures in yoga, travel, and living in color on her personal blog, {doniree.com} and notes her travel and foodie finds at {nomadicfoodie.com}. You can also catch her in 140 characters or less @doniree. Stop by and say hi, she’d love to meet you!

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