Welcome to Boulder

You’ve moved to Boulder. You can see the mountains from your window. There are dogs everywhere with curiously fit people running beside them. The letter B suddenly takes on a whole new meaning as you are greeted daily by bikes, beards and Buffs. Welcome to Boulder, brave adventurer.

We bill our city as a hub of innovation, creativity and activity. You see it in the businesses that are drawn there and especially those that are born here. You see it in the kind of people that flock to our coffeeshops, where great ideas are hatched and patched. And hopefully, you’ll see it on Boulder.me – a charming little hub of information for the recently Boulder’d.

This place is made for startups. We have cultivated an open, collaborative startup environment in town – anchored by a cast of helpful tech notables and startup veterans who are passionate about entrepreneurship, community and giving you a free t-shirt. Most of us aren’t from here, which instantly gives us something in common with you. Once upon a time, we all were the “new kid in town” – taking our first Pearl Street stroll on shaky legs.

And now we’d like to return the favor and help you get the most out of Boulder. Check the site often, clickity-click on the blogroll links, contact one of the folks on our Ambassadors page – grab your laptop and start bumping brains with Boulder’s finest.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Boulder loves you without restraint.

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Boulder Colorado B/W

Flatirons Photowalk Boulder Colorado

About the Author:
Ef Rodriguez is a social strategist from Boulder, Colo. He likes social media, World of Warcraft, walking around Boulder and flirting poorly with the ladies. He can be found most often on Twitter as @pugofwar or his official blog, efrodriguez.com.


  1. Gil January 08, 2010

    Love the new design! Let me know if I can help with any technical stuff.

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