What Does Boulder Mean To You?

Boulder receives serious recognition as a great place to live and work. You can check out the full list of Boulder lists here.  Sometimes it’s like Boulder won Best in Show for being a city.

But lists don’t capture the spirit of Boulder and the tech community. Even if Boulder was named one of 8 Fabulous Winter Wonderlands by Where to Retire magazine. Lists don’t capture how much work goes into making this community thrive.How you can show up to numerous events and meet incredible, intelligent people who are open to helping you and the community out. If you’re looking to connect with entrepreneurs, VCs, bloggers or just those passionate about social media, you have your choices:

Lists don’t capture what it’s like to wake up to 300 days of sunshine a year, go on a hike after work, to walk into a coffee shop and instantly know people. The New York Times might ask is “Florida, the Next Hotbed of Venture Capital?” but the Front Range is building a community to be reckoned with.

So to capture the essence that is this community, Boulder.me would love to get the bloggers to contribute a blog post on what it’s like to work and play in Boulder (and Denver too). Something that captures the spirit of Boulder and the greater tech community more than just a list can. Write a blog post and e-mail it to us at eellis at metzger.com, and we’ll compile a list of the blog posts. We’d love to get entries by March 15, so send us the link once you post.

Our first entry is Making Your City an Innovation Hub by Andrea Meyer!

Our second post is from Denise Smith on “These are a few of my favorite things.

Our third post is from Jason Mendelson on “What Boulder Means to Me.

Our fourth post is from Dave Taylor on “Why I like living here in Boulder, Colorado.”

Our fifth post is from Grace Boyle on “Dear Boulder.”

Our sixth post is from Dirk Shaw on “Living, Working and Playing in Boulder.”

Our seventh post is from Jacqueline Malan on “Boulder, Boulder.”

Our eigth post is from Tara Anderson on “How I love thee Boulder.”

Our ninth post is from Ryan Wagner on “Why Boulder is a Fantastic Place (especially for Foodies).”

Our tenth post is from Nicole Glaros on “Boulder is the Best.”

Our eleventh post is from Sopan Greene on “Boulder Influence.”

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  1. Ef Rodriguez March 04, 2009

    The number of geeky, worthwhile events in Boulder is profoundly encouraging. It also helps that people are so welcoming, as you mentioned.

    I could do without the sunshine, as I prefer cloudy days, but the city is a jewel – its population included.


  2. Kathy Dragon March 11, 2009

    I’ve spent the better part of two decades designing and leading adventure trips around the world. Folks always ask me what my favorite destinations are….well, there are a lot. However, nothing beats Boulder. Nowhere, nohow.

    I’ve hiked throughout Peru, Patagonia, Portugal and the Pyrenees and biked California Coast, Lake Champlain, County Claire and Charlottesville Hunt Country.
    I’ve explored Laos, Ladakh, Lillehammer and Latvia and Lithuania and tasted my way through the Cinque Terre, Croatia, Crete, Cork and Czech Republic.

    There is no place that can compare to Boulder for the following
    • Amazing diverse weather….but generally sunny! I LOVE having 4 seasons and avoiding the humid cold that chills me to the bones.
    • The Outdoors: if you aren’t into the outdoors you can’t fully take advantage of boulder. Miles of accessible trails and green space for running, biking, walking, fishing, playing.
    • 35 miles from an INTERNATIONAL airport. Direct flights to London, Frankfurt, Montreal and many more to come.
    • Passionate Entrepreneurs: whether it is meeting at the CUP for a TravelGeeks meeting or walking at Sanitas…everyone you meet is full of ideas and inspiration.
    • Inter-generational Diversity: well, we might now have the cultural diversity that many of us would like but in terms of connecting with folks of all ages and being part of organizations which are inclusive of college undergrads and grandmothers, Boulder is it.

    Sometimes I think the Basque Country, Slovenia, or New Zealand might be a good fit to actually live but as soon as I get back to Boulder I fall in love again ?

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    Boulder is the county seat and most populous city of Boulder County and the 11th most populous city in the U.S. state of Colorado.

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