Where are the students?

Over the past few years at CU I’ve had the opportunity to work two distinct jobs.  A CU student by day – and by night a startup junkie having fun with other creative, ambitious entrepreneurs.  The second and much more exciting job began with simple web based programming as a way for me to burn off excess caffeine at night.  Adding functionality to the web was a slippery slope to realizing that I could really build something great [at 4am it’s easy to mistake delusion for great].  It wasn’t long before I found friends of mine that could code as well – and hell they wanted to build something great too!
What we had at this point was a small but ambitious group of talented coders – naive and ready for a piece of any project.  What we didn’t have and needed more than anything else was a place at CU for brand new entrepreneurial developers like us.
Having spent my share of time in the trenches at CU I know that many students would love their own community just for webdevs.  I keep hearing from local startups that need a ‘quick site thrown up’ or ‘just a tweak here…’ – perfect places to rely on a student pool of talent for their ambition and readiness to [inexpensively] tackle those quick projects that you just don’t have time for.  Our new CU DIV [Develop and Innovate with Vision] club aims to bring this student development community together.  Anyone out there interested in helping get the club off the ground, or have a project for our devs to work on?  Hop on over to www.cudiv.com or come to our inaugural event on Wednesday, 1/28 @ 6pm on the CU campus at the DLC Collaboratory!
About the Author:
CU Aerospace student that makes companies, not war. Won 2007 Undergraduate Leeds' Business Plan Competition with ChalkTalk Communications. Participated in 2008 New Ventures national b-plan contest while being a client of the entrepreneurial law clinic. Might be seen rep'ing ChalkTalk [www.chalk2me.com] at some of the local meetups, or building robots in the Aerospace wing @ CU. Also member of CUNVC [www.cunvc.org] committee and co-founder of CUDIV [www.cudiv.com] student webdev club.


  1. Andrew Hyde January 27, 2009

    Awesome, I look forward to this group and the future great CU and Boulder tech scene events.

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