Win a Booth at CrowdConf 2011 from Crowdsortium

On the crowdsourcing bandwagon?  We are, and want to share some news with you: Boulder based Crowdsortium, a crowdsourcing industry trade group, is running a contest to give away a booth at CrowdConf 2011, the first and leading conference on crowdsourcing.

Crowdsortium includes a growing list of companies and organizations, many with Boulder ties (Trada, Kapost, Napkin Labs,, and Victors & Spoils, to name a few).  In true crowdsourcing spirit, members are sharing ideas, best practices, and more, just as their own crowdsourcing communities do.  IP protection, incentive systems, and the logistics of distributed work forces are among the topics discussed.

The list of speakers for CrowdConf 2011 was sourced from an impressive list of companies, including Amazon Mechanical Turk, Kickstarter, Quora, and Threadless.  The event will be taking place November 1-2, 2011 in San Francisco.  You can purchase tickets here, but I’d recommend reading on before you spend your investors’ hard earned money.


If you meet these qualifications, you’re eligible to enter the Crowdsortium booth giveaway:

  • You’re a Crowdsortium member.  Apply to be a member if you’re not already one – it’s free, but may not be forever.
  • Your company/organization is three years old or younger.
  • You’ve received at least one round of funding.

To enter, write a short blog post (200-400 words) describing your company and why you should be considered the most up-and-coming crowdsourcing company in the universe.  Rev up your social media machine, because the entries with the most tweets and retweets (important: tweets must include @crowdsortium) by 11am MST on September 23 will be the entries judged by Crowdsortium and CrowdFlower.  The winner will receive a free Crowdsortium Sponsored Exhibitor Booth at CrowdConf 2011; the runner-up will receive two free tickets to the event.  Peep the CrowdConf 2011 Booth Contest press release for all the details and get your social media on.

CrowdConf 2011

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    Does this include tips on how to exploit or is that just in the gift bag?  

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