Yogathon and The Wellness Initiative

When I moved to Boulder back in January, I knew for a number of reasons that I’d landed in my own personal heaven for this exact time in my life.

I’m a new freelancer/independent contractor with a huge heart for social media, technology, Idea People, and Cool New Things in general.  Obviously, with Boulder being home to startups like Lijit (I work there part-time), events like Ignite (it’s what sold me on moving here in the first place), and groups like Girls in Tech, I felt immediately like I belonged here.

More than Geeks

But there’s another side of Boulder that I love just as much as the start-up and tech scene here, and that’s the strong focus and priority that this city places on health, wellness, and activity.  I have yet to meet someone who isn’t involved in SOME sort of hobby that is a physical activity – yoga, biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, running, you name it – people out here are doing it.

Shortly before I moved to Boulder, I completed CorePower Yoga’s teacher training program and it changed my perspective on yoga as more than a healthy choice, but as a lifestyle.  I’d known for a long time that I wanted to use my teaching certification to work with young women – adolescents really – in some sort of in-school or after-school setting.

Enter The Wellness Initiative.  I met Mara Rose through Grace Boyle before I was even settled into my apartment here in Boulder.  Mara is the Director of The Wellness Initiative

Mission Statement:

The Wellness Initiative is a local Colorado organization whose mission is to improve the physical health, social and emotional development, and academic performance of low-income youth through yoga-based wellness programs.  The Wellness Initiative will serve 1,700 students in 19 schools this year, teaching them to manage their stress, control their anger, strengthen their bodies, and focus their minds.

Mara was looking for people with a passion for yoga, kids, and both to jump on board and help her plan and execute their first ever Yogathon.  I didn’t hesitate, and we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming first ever Yogathon, a yoga-filled, community-involved fundraiser to help continue to bring yoga to kids in our schools here.

How you can participate

This is where YOU come in.  You the yogi, you the parent, you the local business.

Yogis and parents. Chances are that if you’re in Boulder, you’re into yoga.  Ok, so that’s a sweeping generalization, but I’m finding it to be true all the time.  Come participate!  We’ll be doing 108 Sun Salutations guided by nationally recognized yoga instructors, including Richard Freeman.

Note: Children are welcome and are encouraged to participate and attend with their parents and family members. Kids between 5-12 years old are invited to enjoy the Yogathon in the kids’ room and do crafts, listen to music, and play games with The Wellness Initiative’s talented yoga instructors.

The details:

When: Saturday, May 1; 1-4PM
Where: Boulder High School
How: Registration is $20 and participants are asked to raise $108 in donations prior to the event.  You can register here and set up your own donation page (like mine!).

Local Businesses.  Want to be involved either through donation, team-building, or sponsorship?  Shoot me a note and we can talk about different levels of sponsorship.

Everyone else. Not in Boulder to participate?  You can still donate here, and if you want to specifically sponsor me and my team from Core Power, you can do so here.

The Nitty Gritty

Registration is required before the event and will be open through April 16.  To register, you can visit (, and for more information, please view The Wellness Initiative: (

Thanks for your support, Boulder!  Namaste 🙂

About the Author:
Doniree Walker is a Boulder, Colorado transplant by way of Minneapolis, Minnesota. By trade, she's a social media columnist at FRWD (a Minneapolis new media agency) and a Publisher Services Manager at Lijit Networks, here in Boulder. She documents her journeys and adventures in yoga, travel, and living in color on her personal blog, {} and notes her travel and foodie finds at {}. You can also catch her in 140 characters or less @doniree. Stop by and say hi, she’d love to meet you!


  1. Grace Boyle April 06, 2010

    This is such a great event, for an even better cause 🙂 Love what you have written Doni.

    I hope others can join us!

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